Below is a list of St. Vincent Hospital Credit Union Fees. The schedule of fees are effective as of 5/1/2019, and are supject to change without notice. Please contact the credit union at 508.363.9339 if you have any questions.

* – indicates that the listed fee was increased

Share Accounts

3rd party item presented for deposit or payment returned unpaid*$7.50
Stop payment teller check$30.00
Teller check 1 free/day over $100.00Free
Teller check less than $100.00$1.00
Teller check copy$4.00

Now Accounts

Returned check (NSF)$30.00*
Automatic transfer from shares$5.00
Stop payment$30.00*
Check copy$4.00
ACH/ATM/Debit card transactions returned for NSF$30.00*

Money Orders

Money Orders$1.50*
Stop Payment$30.00*
Money Order Copy$4.00

ATM/Debit Cards

Maximum daily withdrawl$350.00
Maximum daily POS. transactions$1,000.00
First 5 ATM Transactions/month withdrawal and inquiryFree
Each additional transaction$1.00
ATM/Debit card replacement$10.00
Overdraft of ATM/Debit Card$30.00*

Misc. Fees and Charges

Account research - per hour$25.00
Account research - min charge$5.00
Process tax levy$25.00
Statement Copy$3.00
Account activity printout/page$1.00
Dormant account monthly fee after 1 year$1.00
Abandoned property$50.00